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London Tuesday, 26 March 2019, 08:00:00 GMT
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Copenhagen Tuesday, 26 March 2019, 09:00:00 CET
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Anders is an experienced finance leader and known in the finance community for his passion for driving the conversation about the future of finance across the world as a speaker at a range of forums. His influence in our industry has resulted in over 20,000 people following his articles and posts on LinkedIn alone.

Providing much credibility to his profile, Anders is a senior finance executive with Maersk, one of the global leaders in shipping and logistics. In this time, Anders was a key sponsor and driver to developing a well-defined, World-class finance business partnership culture.

Not only does Anders understand the concept of Business Partnership better than most, but he walks it every day.

In this session Anders will explore:

  • Clarity and definition on what business partnership is and how it plays out in best-practice environments.
  • Potential roadblocks to developing an effective business partnership culture
  • Guidance on how to implement the concept into your organisation.

Key takeaways you can expect:

  • Clarity on the purpose and goal of business partnering.
  • Defining ‘success’ in partnership
  • Developing a path and plan

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the webinars free? Yes - you will have access to all 12 live webinars when you register. If you participate in at least 4 complete webinars of the 12, you will receive the recordings for any you have missed.

I can't make some of the times? As this is available globally, we cannot accommodate time zones for all speakers, however, if you participate in 4 complete webinars, you can catch up on the recordings after the summit is complete.

Are there any free tools or downloads with the webinars? Yes - a variety of our presenters will be sharing tools or material that you can download.

What happens if I can't participate in at least 4 complete webinars, but want the recordings? You can access the recordings which will be available for a small fee. This will be offered at the end of the Summit.

Are these webinars designed to sell services? No - each presenter is offering value as a gift to the community. You may wish to work with any of the presenters in the future, however, the presentations are designed to share each speaker's most relevant material for the topic in the time available.

Who is the Virtual Finance World Summit aimed at? This is for accounting and finance leaders in business, however, anyone is welcome to register and attend.

Can I listen to these recordings with my team? Yes - we know a range of teams that will log into the webinar from a central computer and listen/ participate as a group.



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