Do I know how to leverage my strengths in my organisation?
Do I know how to minimise the impact of my weaknesses in my career?
Do I work effectively with the people with influence in my organisation?
Can I easily call on my previous bosses for an excellent reference?
Do I know my peers believe I am a high performer in my field?
Do I regularly (at least once every 6 months) connect with ex colleagues and bosses (including face to face phone call online) regardless of their status?
Most stakeholders in the businesses I have worked for come to me knowing that I genuinely help them make the best decisions for the business?
Does my network see me as a key influencer in my organisation?
I do not need to micromanage my team
I have been promoted on average every 2-3 years.
In every new role I have taken I have executed on my 100-day plan (or similar plan for new role success)
Have I been promoted into jobs or offered jobs where I have limited previous experience?
Have I delivered on additional projects to my business as usual role that have been highly recognised in my business?
I ask and clearly understand what my superiors and the stakeholders I serve see as high performance
Does my job title define the level of value I have been able to deliver in my role?
Have I been called a high performer (or similar notion) by my bosses and awarded within my organisation or field over the past 3 years?
Have I outperformed my alumni in terms of seniority and income?
I have never had difficulty hiring and attracting high performing staff to work for me.
I easily take on board new concepts and adapt to new situations or change.
Do I find myself making excuses for poor systems and processes when delivering work?
Is my work used as the standard for others to meet?
Have I been performance managed or given warnings based on my performance?
Do I generally feel in control when it comes to the core responsibilities of my role allowing time to focus on value adding work?
Have I ever delivered work only to be told that it was not needed?
A lack of industry knowledge has not impeded my ability to achieve great results in jobs I have held.
I have not been rejected for a role I want to do in my organisation because I don't have enough experience.
If I'm critical of myself I am busy but not as productive as I could or should be.
I have proactively sought out a role outside of my comfort zone which has had very positive impact on my career and development.
I feel stuck at this level of my career.
Do I regularly engage and ask questions of my stakeholders to ensure I am aligned to their goals and challenges?
Can I get things done by using third party relationships or partnerships when I need them?
Do I have the self-discipline to make decisions that I stick by?
Do I have the level of resilience required to achieve my long term goals?
Have I been promoted based on delivering on a challenging goal or solving a significant problem for my business or the stakeholders I serve?
Am I approached by non-finance stakeholders or clients of my business regularly to contribute to key business decisions?
Do I often have difficulty hiring good talent when I go to market?
Do I see conflict as a negative experience or difficult to manage in business?
Do I often find that business stakeholders find it difficult to understand what I am explaining?
In the last 5 years have I been made redundant without a great deal of notice or unexpectedly?
Have people in the business actively requested to work for me or to have me in their team?
Do I find it difficult to have people complete compliance related tasks in my business?
Do I feel in control of and know how to manage my emotions?
The business views me more as a business leader and less as an accountant or finance professional?
Have I introduced strategic changes to the business and have successfully had the changes endorsed and implemented?
When working through change my team and business stakeholders find I am able to provide clear direction and get the group to the right outcome?
While others may find it difficult to change I bring about a way of getting them to where they need to be to achieve a great collective result?
Do I have a set of mentors I actively work with to discuss my career and life decisions?
Do I know who to align myself with to achieve my career goals within my current organisation?
Do I understand the career goals of most people in my network?
Do I regularly open real career doors and professional opportunities for others that I value in my network typically via my relationships?
Do I have a method for growing my professional network?
Do I have a set of loyal recruiter relationships that add value to my career when it comes to hiring and my own career movements?
Do I see my network as important as my functional skills?
Am I approached at least 4 times a year with roles that would strategically add to my career plan by contacts in my network (even if I am not ready to move on from my current employer)?
Can my boss articulate my career plan to others?
Do I have a LinkedIn profile?
Do I apply to or Seek other job boards more than once a month?
Do I go out of my way to add value to contacts in my network?
Does my CEO or MD know who I am and communicates with me on both a professional and social level?
Do other accounting and financial professionals approach you for advice and support?
Do I hear from recruiters with the wrong jobs more than the right jobs?
Do I have a negative or low-value view of the recruitment agency market based on experience?
Do I often find that I send CVs to companies without hearing a response?
Do I understand the challenges my boss has in achieving their career goals?
Can I articulate my career plans to others in an easy to understand and succinct way?
Do I have a personal balance scorecard or career plan that I assess regularly?
Will I know if an opportunity that is presented to me will be the right option to consider and am I clear on the factors that would make this opportunity align with my medium to long term plan?
Can I articulate where I want to be in my career and what I'm doing to get there?
Do I know what I would be responsible for and the required behaviours to be effective in the role I aspire to reach?
Do I have a strong appreciation of the likely barriers facing me in achieving this that I can control?
Do I have a track record of achieving goals I have set for myself in the past?
Can I factually compare my skills and performance to peers in the marketplace (outside of my own organisation)?
Have I completed a performance profile (or similar assessment) on my skills and understood the skills gaps between where I am now and what my ultimate career goal is?
Have I got a method for learning the new skills required to reach my career goal?
Do I feel I've been well-qualified for a job I've wanted although was not offered?
Upon graduating did I expect to be further in my career at this point than where I am?
Have I needed to leave a company (in a permanent position or fixed contract) more than once within the first 12 months because of issues around the role management or culture?


The Career Health Check is a short 10 minute assessment, providing you with a personalised report outlining how well you are managing your career. This should be used as a guide on areas that will help you move towards your version of "success".
This assessment is a measurement of "career health" and should not be confused for  "job" performance. It reviews the features of career management that lead to satisfaction and engagement in your job, attraction of new and development or growth-focused opportunities, as well as being well-rewarded and valued for what you do in your career. This includes the areas of clarity, high performance, influence and networks.
Make sure you set aside at least ten minutes to complete each question so that you receive your report.






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