CEO's Perspective with Gustav Arianto - Pierlite ANZ
Friday 22 October at 2pm

HR Leaders across Australia are continuously being challenged to more deliberately connect with the strategic agenda of the organisation in order to drive performance and impact.

We have invited CEOs to come and share with us their perspective on HR strategic leadership.

Our facilitators, Rob Phipps & Brad Eisenhuth, are glad to welcome Gustav Arianto, CEO at Pierlite ANZ, for this first conversation. Gus, as he prefers to be called, has gained over 20 years of management experience in a variety of different leadership roles, has managed hundreds of different employees in his career and is admired by all. We can't wait to hear his thoughts and be inspired.

We will notably cover the topics below and more: 

  • What does a CEO seek from a strategic HR leader
  • What holds a good HR leader back from maintaining a ‘strategic’ seat at the table.
  • How does a strategic HR leader avoid the trap of ‘DIY’ in a resource-rich world
  • Financial and commercial strength in HR leadership

Attending this webinar goes beyond an opportunity to step back and reflect on your own journey, it's also a chance to give and have an impact on something greater. For every attendee to our webinars, we donate to our partner B1G1 who supports communities who need it the most all around the world via education, environment and nutrition programs.

Join us and invite your peers.

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