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Kunal connected with a mentor to help make a key career decision 

Kunal was starting to become frustrated by the lack of development he had in his current role. He was very proactive, but in his current job, there wasn’t any opportunity to move roles. He reached out to a mentor on The Outperformer, who he selected by industry experience and expertise. They connected and discussed his challenges. His mentor was linked with a friend in another company who interviewed Kunal for a job and offered him a role which was the perfect next step.


Jessica learned from others who had already made mistakes she could avoid.

Jessica is an FP&A Manager and is introducing TM1 at her business for budgeting, forecasting and management reporting. While she has worked with consultants, she reaches out to others on The Outperformer who had been through a similar implementation. For the cost of three coffees ($11.25), Jessica was able to learn about key mistakes to avoid which made her implementation much more efficient.


Kristy learned from others to help her prepare for her interview and get the perfect job

Kristy was out in the market interviewing for a new job. She was eager to move into a retail business, but had never worked in this sector. She connected with two finance managers on The Outperformer who worked in the retail industry to get to know some of the nuances and challenges she will come across. They enjoyed meeting Kristy and have kept in touch, but more importantly, this prepared Kristy very well for the job interview she had with a retail company. She was offered the role, and her new boss was very impressed by how well-prepared Kirsty was compared to other candidates.


COLLABORATE is the place to go for problem solving and crowd-source ideas for challenges you are facing in your career and job.

Accounting and finance professionals around the world duplicate the same solutions to challenges without knowing it. In the connected world we live in, Collaborate becomes the environment to take connection to results.

On this part of The Outperformer, you can:

  • Post a topic for discussion to source ideas and solutions to your problems.
  • Communicate under an alias for sensitive or personal issues.
  • Find mentors, qualifying them initially by their level of seniority, expertise, industry and business knowledge.
  • Create one-to-one conversations with other members and mentors.
  • Take your introductions on The Outperformer to the coffee shop, video conference, or even for a meeting at your place of work.



The most important feature is that all members are paying members. As a result, we attract career-minded professionals who invest in their career, just like you!




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