EDUCATE is a platform to learn about navigating career challenges, practical solutions to problems, and different career paths that other highly successful accounting and finance professionals have taken.

It is an environment to grow, plan and be inspired to take action to achieve your goals.


  • Book in for the live webinars that you want to attend. These are updated regularly on the platform.
  • Each speaker engages with you and other members via an interview style of discussion, where you can ask questions on the webinar system or simply sit back and listen.
  • Topics will cover a range of subjects to ensure we deliver solutions to the many problems facing different members of the community in achieving their career goals.
  • You can make suggestions on future topics or speakers that you would like The Outperformer to present in future.


We look forward to hearing from you at a future webinar!


Many members will be able to accumulate CPD hours for their professional memberships by participating in these career-focused webinars.


Alison is really ambitious, but not sure about her long term goals

Alison is at a key stage of her career. She has recently qualified and is building a great reputation in her company. She is attracting new opportunities within her company, but is unsure of the decision she should make and where she wants to go in the long term. Listening to the webinars with executives and CFOs helps her understand the variety of career paths taken by different people, providing her with more perspective about her career plan. This is extremely valuable when she doesn't have a mentor outside of her company.


Josh is looking for better value CPD hours 

Josh is required to do mandatory learning and development as part of his qualification and each year finds it difficult to locate courses or material that interests him. Even more difficult to find it at a reasonable price. Josh signed up to The Outperformer for a total of $348 for the year and has access to 22 live webinars, which covers content relevant to his mandatory learning requirements and gets a lot of value from each experience. If he misses one, he can listen to the recording later.


Jamie is a CFO who wants some perspective on what other executives are doing that he doesn't have to read about

Jamie has had a great career, but doesn’t get to hear about the careers of his CFO peers. He is particularly interested in learning about what has happened in other companies and the leadership styles adopted by finance leaders. While he is very busy, he loves the fact he can listen to the webinar recordings on The Outperformer in his own time, either in the car driving home or when he is relaxing on a Sunday night.



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Here is a 'sneak peek' of The Outperformer's webinars. Members gain full access to the "juicy" details and more.

Paula Kensington on "Taking control of your career"

Paul Lyons on "Mental Toughness and Leadership"

Mark Tayler on "Turnaround and Change Managemnt



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