What is The Outperformer?

The Outperformer is a career management platform and has a variety of learning and development opportunities for accounting and finance professionals. It has many members ranging from CFO and Executive level to graduates, including accounting and finance teams from a variety of large corporates.

Unlike your professional membership with an accounting body, this platform is designed to work on the skills that differentiate your career from others, helping you build clarity, a focus on performance, influence and career-effective professional networks.


Who is The Outperformer for?

The Outperformer is for self-driven and ambitious accounting and finance professionals who want more out of their career, securing their future and improving their career awareness. Like anything, we believe you get what you put in, and The Outperformer is a rewarding experience for those who participate in what we have to offer.

If you require further support and motivation to get you ready for more career success, we can provide tailored career support and mentor introduction services. and discuss. To work out what is the best solution for this phase of your career, we welcome you to book in a "discovery call" which you can book by clicking here. All career consulting is subject to a selection criteria and agreement with The Outperformer team. We need to make sure you are ready to get the most out of it.


I forgot my login

No problem, click “Lost Password” on the Login page. This will send you a temporary password and you can update to your own after you’ve logged in.

If you have any trouble with this, email [email protected]


I don’t have that much time?

Good - this is a membership for you. It is designed for time poor professionals to digest content in their own time. For example, it is very easy to listen to a webinar in the car, on the coach, at your desk or when you are riding your bike.

We all have the same amount of time in a day, so use it wisely.

Often finance teams or small groups will use the webinar sessions during "lunch and learn" groups and reflect on the topic. The webinars are designed to stimulate thoughts by learning about how others have solved challenges or created value in their career.


How do I connect with a mentor?

The Outperformer provides a mentor connection service called "Mentor Concierge". You can book a discovery call to work out the best type of mentor to suit your goals and current phase of development, or simply register to start the connection process.

We will learn about you before selecting an appropriate mentor from our community of interested mentors. On introduction, we will ensure that both parties are clear about the objectives and goals of the mentoring relationship and allow you to arrange a first meeting that suits both parties. From there, we encourage you to maintain the relationship as you would with any other professional relationship that you value. This means, you connect when appropriate to discuss and follow up on previous or new challenges, and share value along the way. We work with talent people and will support you to get the most out of it, but won't hold your hand to book in meetings or force you to meet in regular time frames. We have more respect for our community than to assume they won't be proactive. 


I get my career advice from a recruiter. Is this suitable?

Great. Some are excellent and will do their best not to show bias towards your situation. We believe there is a lot of value in getting support from peers and leaders in the community, hence the platform opens up this to you.

For personalised service, The Outperformer provides one on one coaching with experts in the field and provide a "Co-Pilot" carer partner service to assist you through all sorts of career challenges, which may include;

  • Seeking a promotion
  • Growing your network with the "right" contacts
  • Strategies for performance improvement
  • Professional brand development and career "future proofing"
  • Finding a job (via various channels), including breaking down the interview and positioning yourself successful.
  • Complex career decisions which require some credible and unbiased insight relevant to your goals
  • Career planning and clarity


Is The Outperformer a recruitment service?

No. We do not recruit.

While some of our clients may work with us to advocate and support the introduction into a new role, we are never funded to recruit any position.


Should I pay career support (Co-Pilot or Mentor Concierge), or my employer?

We have many clients that have been supported by their employer to encourage their professional growth. Often these employers or leaders can rationalise the benefits of investing into talent and building on their career goals, network and professional brand. This obviously has short and longer term gains related to performance and the relationship with the employer.

Of course, some employers are not comfortable, or the career issues are sensitive, so many individuals are proactive enough to fund their own development.


Do the webinars count as CPD hours?

You will need to review the guidelines of your membership body and use your discretion, however they have been designed so they meet requirements, being interactive and aligned to supporting your professional development.

Here are some example memberships where you can find out more:


What do I do if there is an error when using The Outperformer platform?

If you see a bug or error, please refresh your page. We typically do short upgrades to the platform to ensure it is working at an optimal rate, however this may cause disturbances.

If you continue to see issues or errors, please email [email protected]


I have a job, so why would I get value out of The Outperformer?

The biggest confusion people have with career management, is that they think it is only important when they are looking for a new position.

Ask someone of your senior colleagues and peers if they wish they had a stronger professional network and if they had their time around again, would they spend more time in this area. The answer is always ‘yes’. Spend time on the components of your career that differentiate you from the rest and give you the ability to reach your "version of success".

If you are relying only on technical skills and your work ethic to get you ahead in your career, then you will eventually work out why career management will be important.  You just might need to experience this for yourself.

If you would like to learn more about career management and have more questions, please contact [email protected] 







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