Lance has a wealth of financial modelling experience across financial and professional services having worked at two of the Big 4 accounting firms (PwC & KPMG), Investec Bank Corporate Finance & Advisory and National Australia Bank. He has 2 decades of corporate experience across professional services, investment and commercial banking and is also a judge on the world’s first Financial Modelling Innovation Awards.

Lance was also previously the CFO of fintech start-up Banjo (SME lender) and SequelCFO whilst founding Model Citizn, a financial modelling, analytics and automation consultancy firm. Model Citizn helps all businesses and governments simplify their complexity in order to make relevant, informed and purposeful decisions with insight by better managing cashflow and their Excel and PowerBI environment. He was also the co-founder of Full Stack Modeller.

Lance has run workshops across Australia & New Zealand on data analytics and data visualisation using PowerBI on behalf of ACCA and CA ANZ (CA Catalyst) and has commenced developing online training and workshop for these courses and look to deliver more training remotely. In addition, Lance is an A+ certified Modano user and trainer, certified trainer for the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) and run courses in PowerBI and data analytics.

For the past 3 years, Lance has been a valued partner of The Outperformer and a director of BGC Consultants where he acts as the technical specialist in Financial Modelling and Analytics. 

Lance works with individuals and teams around:

1. Using the most advanced technology in financial modelling to help business leaders with their most complex strategic problems. This includes model building and the implementation of tools to drive efficiency and performance.

2. Educating and up-skilling accounting and finance professionals to more effectively leverage financial modelling skills and tools to solve problems, increase the quality and speed of decisions, and create value in their role.

3. Building bespoke financial models for complex decisions and organisations


Lance and his team can provide services to leverage almost all accounting packages, ranging from Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks (cloud or server based) for smaller companies, as well as larger systems such as SAP and Hyperion. They have the flexibility to deliver for their clients locally and internationally, across a very diverse range of industries.

A few short extracts of Lance in action, discussing efficiency and speed of decision making at the Future of Finance Conference 2017.


Equipment Leasing & Funding created a 3 way integrated model for their commercial asset finance business using their cloud based accounting system which enabled them to forecast their future revenue and balance sheet using an expected internal rate of return, growth rates and term of the receivables.

Not For Profitbuilt a 40 year cash flow model on youth homelessness to assist the client in discussions with the NSW Government on a social benefit bond.

Multiple Healthcare Providers Built models for 3 tenders concurrently as part of a NSW Government chronic illness RFP process. Models were used to support each client’s bid.

Propertyassisted the company with a triple stapled capital raising for their unlisted property trust and expansion of their Adina brand into Denmark and Germany. Multi currency and tax treatments across development and operating periods created additional complexity.

FMCG built a 3-way financial model for the food distribution business to enable them to secure more favourable debt funding terms and better insight into their cash flow.

FinTech built a fully integrated financial model for the fintech start-up (fund and fund manager) leveraging their core lending system and their cloud based accounting package.

FinTech undertook some credit modelling analysis on their loan book having regard for the PD, EAD and LGD across the portfolio on each individual loan.

Financial Services audited the complex income and capital unit model that was used to support annuity products and the life company valuation of the capital unit. The model was built by an actuary and was highly controversial and complex resulting in a restatement of results and removal of the CEO.

Property Transactions & Private Equity developed models for a number of property transactions on behalf of the bank and the property private equity fund which included land sub-division, retail and commercial construction projects.

Banking developed numerous reporting, pricing and valuation models including an unlisted equity valuation model, daily trading desk performance model and numerous multi currency product and markets models.

Banking created operational models, project management tools including Gantt charts to measure staff utilisation and progress tracking in order to report and optimise processes and capacity utilisation over peak period.

Banking redesigned 26 bespoke spreadsheets used across the entire portfolio of businesses to drive consistency in driver based planning and forecasting.

Affordable Housing built a PPP style 30 year financial model to support their bid to the NSW Government for the development and operations of services under the Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) initiative. The model was used to successfully bid and complete commercial close.

Not For Profit built a financial model to support their bid to the Queensland government as part of a social benefit bond to target youth recidivism (re-offending).

Not For Profit built a financial model to support their bid to both the Queensland and NSW governments as part of a social benefit bond to target the stable housing of families. Their existing program J2SI (journey to social inclusion) was used a basis for the bid.

StartUp built an early stage tech start-up financial model for the events management business. The model assisted with CEO with a capital raising and discussions with potential investors as well as existing owners






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