Don't Lose Sleep Over Your Spreadsheet Environment, Do That Instead

By Lance Rubin | Strategy, Technology, Finance, Change Leadership | 26 Aug 2021 |


On the importance of measuring company culture

By Rob Phipps | Strategy, Culture, Change Leadership | 25 Aug 2021 |

hat’s the ROI? Probably the most common, and important, business question.    Without being able to measure the impact of your culture initiatives it is very difficult to determine if you are spending your efforts in the right areas, if you are heading in the right direction and of course, to secure funding to support your initiatives. It’s also really hard to improve on something if you don’t have a base to start from.  So where to start to measure your culture efforts?


Client's Spotlight: Paul Lobanov - From driven finance professional to strategic finance leader

Strategy, Finance, Change Leadership | 17 Aug 2021 |

We continue celebrating our clients' achievements, here is another great story from Paul Lobanov. Paul is one of those finance leaders who has valued the importance of stepping back, looking at the situation and bringing an open mind to possible pathways and ‘better’ solutions. Equally, as we’ve worked with Paul he has the extremely admirable trait of being self-reflective; willing to explore different ways of thinking and potentially being ‘wrong’. Paul has shared some of his story below in growing as a strategic finance leader.


Client's Spotlight: Kate Urlich - From driven finance professional to strategic finance leader

Strategy, Finance, Change Leadership | 3 Aug 2021 |

One of the highlights of our work is helping great people on their journey. We are glad to share with you some of their inspirational stories and achievements.  Kate Urlich is a talented Finance leader who decided to embark on developing her strategic leadership skills as a finance professional. Her tenacity, growth mindset and dedication to her business has positioned her well to make genuine step-change in her career a reality. 


Is the ROI of culture still in question?

Strategy, Culture, Change Leadership | 21 Jul 2021 |

it has been acknowledged for years now that company culture does have an impact on its overall performance and that neglecting it can lead to lost opportunities for synergies and cost efficiencies, lost customers, lost employees and increased injuries to name just a few.  So why would the ROI of organisational culture still be in question? Is the belief in ROI really the issue?


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