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The Basic Building Blocks of a Shared Team Vision

Blog, Leadership | 11 Jan 2022 |

 To get an outperforming team we believe you need to have a shared vision that can lead you to collaborate around measurable and achievable goals. Equally as important, the ‘shared’ vision has ‘shared understanding’ with respect to what we (as a team) believe it means in practice. 

Areas you might be exploring and thinking about to identify where you are at and where potential gaps might lie: 


  • Have you organised your resources intelligently to maximise the likelihood of succeeding and focusing attention on where the team gains the most advantage? 
  • Do you have the right KPI’s? Is your team measuring goals that align with your business strategy?  
  • Do you have frameworks (strategy, cultural, capability, performance) to support the achievement of goals and improve shared understanding across the group? 


  • Do you have organised processes, models of working, systems of thinking that underpin effective performance? 
  • Do you have the tools to support effective decisions?  
  • Are your systems able to grow with your objectives and are they enabling value creation for your team?  


  • How are decisions made and problems solved?  
  • Where are technical or functional capabilities undermined by behaviour, culture, environmental factors? 
  • Is the process of capability development designed for efficient translation to results in a role? 


  • Can everyone connect to a common purpose?  
  • Are those who do not live the values in our culture allowed to undermine the culture? 
  • Do we have intelligently developed cultural elements that orientate team members to the right behaviours and build the right habits?  
  • Is culture an integral part of the business strategy and are its impact measured? 


Traditionally working on these levers of executing on a shared vision is a continuous and emergent journey of maturity and improvement in the face of changing business dynamics. Often the question around performance and achieving vision revolves around the degree to which we prioritise management of our environment and teams such that they thrive. 

All these moving parts need to work together and while working on one aspect in isolation might bring some form of ‘results’, isolated fixes may not solve deep-rooted issues or bring long-lasting and sustainable progress.  


We often are asked to help our clients explore the relationship between key performance leavers in their environment, taking away the overwhelm, misalignment or the “where do I even start” and the “how are we going to make it all work” roadblocks. We initially run a diagnostic process exploring vision, future state measures and milestones, current state capability, attitudes & beliefs, and a range of other environmental factors that enhance the likelihood of sustainable performance change. 

Find out more about our programs and business services here. Feel free to reach out to us directly to explore your projects at [email protected] 

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