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What Our Survey Said About Mentoring

By Brad Eisenhuth | Mentor, Community, Career Management, Eisenhuth |

40.7% of those surveyed are looking to connect with a mentor outside of their current organisation.


An interesting point in our research is the high number of people that tell us they would want to use the platform to engage with other members and ideally connect with mentors.


The title ‘Mentor’ is given to someone who can share some wisdom, guidance and support. Members may elect to connect with as many other members as they like and explore valuable relationships outside of their organisations.


What seems to be important:


  1. The ability to gain perspective from a leader in this space for decision making and career clarity.
  2. The ability to discuss new experiences and skill sets that a mentor may have. This may include functional and industry or even experience in other countries.
  3. The ability to build a strong professional network for the future. The mentor or professional network relationship can span a lifetime in business, and it is intended that members take a consistent approach to sharing value.
  4. Solving current functional problems on projects, changes or new initiatives you are exploring.


What is always interesting is the difference between those that say they want something and those that do something about it.


We’ve seen indecision and complacency in career management for a number of years. The “I’ll get around to it when things settle down” approach tends to plague the accounting and finance community. As we all know, things never settle down and usually you won’t make the time to engage with a mentor or build your network. Mentors not only become your career "sparring" partners, but also have their own networks to open new career opportunities. If they trust you and understand you, they can become a great advocate and supporter when you need it.


Do you also put off things off like this? If it is important, consider the "eating the frog" approach. It might feel difficult and a little ugly to put yourself out there, but once it is done, you can move forward and get on with building a powerful and enjoyable mentor mentee relationship.





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