Sue has more than 25 years experience in a diverse range of challenging corporate environments has provided her an enviable track record in delivering workplace success both in Australia and overseas. Taking a pragmatic approach, she has a genuine passion for maximising human potential and understands the language and challenges that come with senior positions in finance leadership and business more broadly.

Her business and coaching experience is complimented by an IECL accreditation and Postgraduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching & Leadership.

Sue brings mindfulness and compassion to coaching conversations but never shies away from challenging clients to push out of their comfort zone.

With The Outperformer’s Executive Coaching service and Sue’s passion for making the most of your potential you can look forward to:

  • Expanding your influence and impact as a leader;
  • Celebrating your strengths and growing in confidence;
  • Breaking out of your comfort zone;
  • Exploring your values and how they relate to key career decisions and growth;
  • Navigating complex workplace culture;
  • Becoming accountable for your own success.

Sue is a keen believer in wellbeing as a key component of a meaningful career and life and adopts a holistic approach to delivering success to her clients.

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