Welcome to The Outperformer and congratulations on commencing the Co-Pilot Career Partner package.

This is designed to be an impactful experience, focusing on your short term goals and career development, exploring career clarity, performance, influence and the development of your network.

The first stage will involve you working with one of our career experts on a career strategy session, unlocking an individualised method to help you on the path to your version of success. We encourage you to continue investing in your career beyond your initial planning session and engage with our team on any questions or additional support you may require.

Remember, like any learning, it is about application. There are many accountants who have degrees, qualifications and experience that achieve their goals, and many that have the same degree, qualification and experience, that don't. What's the difference?

We will be in touch to arrange your first session, but if you have any more questions please email us at [email protected]


Welcome on board!


Brad Eisenhuth

Founder & CEO

The Outperformer