16 - 18 November 2021 

Strategy Development and Execution through Finance Leadership

  Tuesday 16 November 2021 – 12 noon and 4pm to 6pm (AEST)

1. Finance Function Leading Strategy – An Unrealised Opportunity - 12 noon

The appetite for finance leaders and their teams to play a more deliberate role in leading the development and execution of strategy is stronger than ever.  

However, in exploring the finance leadership landscape, many leaders are not equipped with a clear understanding of the components of strategy and how they come together in a way that is 'implementable'.  

This webinar is presented by Rob Arthur; Partner for Strategy Consulting at McGrathNicol  


Aim of the session 

This session aims to show how a greater understanding of strategic leadership and its execution can help finance creating game-changing value and influence early strategic decisions for the organisation   


Frameworks covered

5 criteria for finance to lead strategy development and execution 

The five criteria show finance professionals where they can be involved or lead the strategy development of an organisation and then play a leadership role in the execution of strategy over time. 

Behavioural traits in effective strategic leadership 

The behaviours traits help finance professionals determine how they might need to look at work practices they carry out in a way that is helpful to their personal effectiveness and to help others be effective in strategy development and execution. 

Learning outcomes and benefits 

This webinar will help you with:    

  • Assessing more accurately of the components of strategy  
  • Articulating how strategy can be turned into implementation  
  • Identifying risks and opportunities related to finance strategy  

2. Innovative Problem Solving for Finance Leaders in High-Performance Environments - 4pm

Finance Leaders are increasingly given the reigns to co-develop strategy and components of strategy that require very different ways of operating to get a better result.   

It might be time to step away from the old saying: “If you keep doing what you have always done, you'll always get what you've always got”. Because in 2021, some companies and finance leaders may find that they are actually getting less than what they've “always got”.  

This raises the importance of being able to bring team members and the finance function itself through new processes of problem-solving to get high impact innovations in place. A finance leader without this skill set is at risk of being left behind.  

This webinar is presented by Rob Arthur and Brad Eisenhuth 


Aim of the session 

Discover and make sense of methods of problem-solving in complex scenarios requiring new practices to be adopted.  

Frameworks covered

Introduction to zero-based principles and design 

Zero-based design principles are applied methodically to complex problems that require a ‘step change’ in performance outcomes. As such, this framework allows finance professionals to develop new solutions with other stakeholders to complex problems. The benefit of this model is that other stakeholders not only contribute to the solution design but are also more likely to adopt the solution that is subsequently rolled out. 

Learning outcomes and benefits 

This webinar will help you with:    

  • A process to make sense of the scenario and the pathways for problem-solving  
  • Example of frameworks that can be applied for step-changes or complex scenarios  
  • Considerations for application of innovative problem-solving methods

3. Finance Strategy – Is it set up for success? - 5pm

The first question to ask before you attend this webinar is - "To what extent is our finance function directly connected to the business strategy being executed?"  

If there is any doubt that there is an obvious link for you and your team, it is worth looking into this webinar session.  

This session will be led by Rob Arthur and Brad Eisenhuth. 


Aim of the session 

This session aims to show participants how to maximize decision making, value creation to drive business performance and clear execution of strategy over time. 

Frameworks covered

Introduction to the strategy cascade 

The strategy cascade is a way of organising the business to deliberately and measurable manage the execution of the strategy over time. It is a model that is overlayed on business decision making and monitoring which financial professionals can easily understand and support in their work. 

Value creation (partnering and co-piloting) vs enablement 

The difference between ‘value creation’ and ‘enablement’ is defined to help finance professionals determine if they are in fact delivering value to the business strategy, or in fact building activities that make their role easier to execute. While both work hand in hand, ‘enablement’ activities are often confused for value creation, leaving finance teams unable to realise their potential in driving performance of the business. 

Learning outcomes and benefits 

This webinar will help you with:    

  • Identify the components of a finance strategy that cascades from business strategy  
  • Assess risks and opportunities in disconnecting from dated or non-existing finance strategy  
  •  Recognize complexities in change leadership in adoption of high-performance and 'connected' finance strategy  







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