16 - 18 November 2021

Culture, Change and Team Effectiveness

  Thursday 18 November – 12 noon and 4pm to 6pm (AEST)

1. Foundations of Leadership – The Psychology of Elevating and Managing for Performance - 12 noon

As Finance leaders, we are consistently required to work with others to shape, develop and change outcomes through people. In fact, in a landscape of continuous change, increasing focus on knowledge work and global interconnectivity understanding how people’s brains work and how to interact effectively with them has never been more important.   

This webinar is presented by Cian Mc Enroe.


Aim of the session 

Join Cian McEnroe (MHGI) as he shows participants how to maximize engagement and drive lasting performance through an understanding of what makes human beings tick.      


Frameworks covered

The Human Needs © framework 

This is a bio-psycho-social model for understanding motivation pioneered by social psychologist Joe Griffin. Prominent in the fields of psychotherapy, education and business it is used by some of the world’s top organizations to inform their leadership practices.  

The approach – avoid response 

As noted in the work of integrative Neuroscientist Evian Gordon, the ‘minimize danger and maximize reward’ principle is an overarching, organizing principle of the brain (Gordon, 2000). This idea has been present in the literature for a long time pre-Gordon and when combined with the Human Needs model and applied to workplace scenarios it sheds light on how we can develop behaviours, habits and systems that help people perform at their best.   

Learning outcomes and benefits 

This webinar will help you with:    

  • Cultivate high performance characteristics through deliberate leadership practices  
  • Tailor your conversations to enhance the motivation of yourself and others   
  • Explore physiological responses and triggers that can inform leadership practices   
  • Articulate how our human needs determine high performance behaviour  
  • Understand the neuroscience behind collaborative cultures and high engagement    

2. What can Finance Teams learn from Sporting Elite (Melbourne Storm)? (Sandor Earl) - 4pm

What makes a high performing team?  

For many years we have looked to the dynamics of successful sporting teams to see what makes the ‘tick’ and bring some of these ingredients to a business team. Of course, it is not a simple as importing structures and frameworks that work for a sports team. However, we can examine the dynamics of a team environment and look at the parallels that can be adapted to any team.  

In this case, we have a unique opportunity to look at the dynamics of one of the world’s most successful sporting teams: Melbourne Storm of the NRL. This team boasts an amazing win rate, long-term retention of high performing talent, the ability to adapt to changing game conditions and innovate consistently, and a history of turning ‘good’ players into stars.  

We have the luxury of speaking to former Melbourne Storm player Sandor Earl who has had an impressive range of cultures in sport and experience in the most recent NRL grand final winning team. Sandor, now retired, has a range of business interests and is passionate about bringing his own development journey as a person and professional to others who want to grow, change and succeed in their field.  


Aim of the session 

This session aims to explore parallels between high performance culture and their relevance to the audience’s team and/ or business.   


Frameworks covered

This discussion will reveal insights that are particular to Sandor’s experience in a range of cultures, in particular the Melbourne Storm. 

Learning outcomes and benefits 

This webinar will help you with:    

  • Articulating dynamics that makes a successful team  
  • Identifying cross-discipline skills and apply them to business environment 

1. Establishing a Progressive, Engaged and People-Centric Finance Culture  - 5pm

In 2021, the finance community is more conscious than ever of the speed and consistency of change that will be imposed on the profession; both environmentally and self-driven.   

At the same time, we seek to create team cultures that include a diverse range of personalities and capabilities that are both engaged, willing to adapt and work with one another to deliver more with less.  

The question is, what are our people seeking and how might we create an environment that improves the likelihood of the behaviours and culture we seek being realised.  

This session will be led by Brad Eisenhuth.


Aim of the session 

This session aims to determine where finance leaders can be more deliberate in the development of the culture they seek by understanding components of culture and how they are applied. 


Frameworks covered

This webinar will cover several elements of Culture and Change Leadership frameworks.

Learning outcomes and benefits 

This webinar will help you with:    

  • Identify what the finance community has determined to be most important in work culture  
  • Reflect on key themes facing leaders in developing an engaged and people-centric finance culture  
  • Explore frameworks for leading finance teams in ambiguity and complex change 







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