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The Accelerator Program is designed for accounting practice leaders and finance professionals who are committed to building a sustainable and impactful Business Advisory practice.

The program demystifies business advisory when compared to other service offerings, and focuses on ensuring participants build a practical and personalised roadmap for succeeding in this field, which is completed over the 8 week journey.


For most accountants, building a profitable and genuine business advisory offering is difficult and requires a new frame of business leadership which is considerably different to a traditional accounting service practice. As such, the program works intensely on the differentiators between success and failure.

Too often accountants are informed of the tasks of advisory focusing on the delivery of and acquisition of skills.

This program not only educates participants on the skills of advisory, but ensures that the correct architecture, organisational change and growth mindset is understood to ensure advisory does not just become a secondary offering but a profitable, measurable and integrated service offering to the organisation as a whole.

Successful participants will move through the following phases;

Application - Agreement & Assessment

All participants will complete an assessment of their current state knowledge and performance in business advisory.

Onboarding & Standards in Participation

You will be introduced to the opportunity this program presents, and the high standards of participation and growth mindset required to succeed in this field. The program holds a high performance culture that you will thrive within.

Workshops x 4 + Weekly Momentum Sessions

Carefully designed workshops are delivered to frame the important foundations of business advisory, and challenge you to 'connect the dots' for your own journey in this field.

Our team provides weekly access to explore and discuss practical challenges and burning questions you might have.

Roadmap Presentation & Personalised Review

Each participant is required to design a tailored roadmap for their business advisory role or practice.

Personalised feedback and review is provided by The Outperformer's team of expert facilitators.



We prefer to practice what we preach, so we got the best in Aidan Parsons who leads the facilitation of this program having grown his own highly successful and profitable business advisory consultancy.

Aidan has been engaged by high profile organisations to navigate their strategy, leadership and execution, and has installed business advisory offerings into a range of accounting practices.


Brad and his team are the multi-award winning program designers of learning and development experiences for the accounting and finance community.

Brad founded The Outperformer and known for the world class organisations he has worked with across Australasia, South Africa and Europe.

" It became very clear early on that there is monumental mind shift needed to think like a consultant. It is starkly different to the way you need to think as an accountant and without changing that I genuinely believe we would fail.
In a tech-driven world, a lot of consulting software is becoming available and accountants are now offering “consulting services” using those templates. This program has made it very clear to us how inept those services are and what it takes to be a real business advisor (consultant) that adds value to a business."

George Morice - Prime Partner

"We valued The Outperformer team's insights into how to improve our advisory offering as well as how to win more of the ‘right’ types of advisory engagements with the ‘right’ types of clients.
The most important new concepts I learned was the 6 stage sales process, the diagnostic philosophy, and the provision of counsel as a service offering."

Andrew Ash - HLB Mann Judd





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