Are you an information & analysis provider or a genuine co-pilot?

In the space of 'business partnership' there is often a gap between the use of the term 'partnering' and its practice. In some cases, this leads to professionals describing themselves as 'partners' or doing 'partnering', but in fact simply providing reactive sets of information, reporting or simply providing data or opinion in cross-functional discussions.

The choice an organisation and team needs to make is whether they want their team playing at a transactional or task level, or if 'partners' are consultatively and collaboratively driving performance directly connected to strategy and critical objectives.

The Outperformer has developed and applied the model below with teams that are serious about adopting a genuine business partnering approach, sometimes described as 'co-pilots' or 'advisors'. Regardless of the name, the implementation of this model is deeply connected to value creation, 'value-based decision making' and ultimately, achievement of organisational objectives.

Results speak for themselves

See what the Finance Team at Novo Nordisk has to say about their business partnering journey with us and how they became real co-pilots in their business and influence strategic decision making:

Principles for introducing co-pilot capability in your team

In order to create sustainable change in performance via a capability uplift, we need it to ‘stick’ in the culture and context of your organisation. In isolation and a ‘knowledge obese’ business landscape, our role is not to simply provide more information, but design a program infrastructure puts learning into action in line with shared vision and strategy.

In partnership with our clients, we initially run a diagnostic process exploring vision, future state measures and milestones, current state capability, attitudes & beliefs, and a range of other environmental factors that enhance the likelihood of sustainable performance change. This is especially relevant in the areas of business partnership and advisory, where behaviour dictates ultimate success.

Project design:
Learning & performance change

A well-considered project design and rollout is essential, typically built around four critical elements; exploratory workshops, peer-oriented problem solving, a project ‘anchor’ and the leaderships attention to culture and enablement of change. Our team will work closely with you, including key project sponsors and enablers, to ensure a responsive an effective project roadmap is designed.

Check out our free business partnering resources:



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