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The past 18 months have tremendously accelerated the evolution of HR and transformed many aspects of its role. By being involved early in strategic discussions and decisions, HR leaders are the best placed to empower employees, maximise productivity and create value for their organisation.  

Whether you're a new or aspiring HR leader or want to expand your skill set, our program is specifically designed for you to unlock your potential. Here is what makes the difference:

1. Small cohort program: you will get to collaborate with other like-minded and motivated professionals and learn together via case studies and assessment of challenges you are currently facing 

2. Focus on 3 pillars that will help you make an impact: strategy development and implementation frameworks, influence decisions at an organisation level and drive better results through effective culture programs, added value creation and increased employee's performance

3. Weekly momentum sessions: not only our expert facilitators will guide you through the program but also coach the group weekly to move the dial forward on what you are working on

4. Real-time results: we don't get stuck in the concept, you will learn through and finish the program with your Strategic HR Leadership Roadmap for you to apply  

At The Outperformer, we have always led our programs online and developed effective methodology and support systems so you get the most out of your learning experience and time investment. 

Express your interest today and we will be in touch at your earliest convenience to discuss your goals and make sure our program is the right fit. 

More details on the program curriculum and schedule below


In a high-performance setting with peers from organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, you will work through a series of workshops and exercises that are brought back into your day-to-day work environment, ensuring you are practising and transferring the learning into results.
The program culminates with the development and presentation of your personal ‘strategic leadership roadmap’ which links together the pillars of the program and the enablement of your HR leadership.
If you come on this learning journey to stretch to lift your performance, you will go through the following phases:

Application - Agreement & Assessment

Onboarding & Standards in Participation

5 Workshops + Weekly Momentum Sessions


Personal Strategic HR Leadership Roadmap


Onboarding and Standards of Participation Session - 16 February - 12pm to 1pm AEST
We will give you the keys to get the most out of the Program and you will get the opportunity to meet the other participants. It’s a great time to put yourself in the best mindset to start the program on a high.
As part of your program enrolment, you will start working with a Sponsor within your organisation to gain support for your roadmap and increase your impact. If in-between roles we will help you focus on hitting the ground running for your next opportunity.

Workshops over 2 months:
1. Strategy & Foundation Setting - 24 February, 10am to 1.30pm AEST
  • Exploring the fundamental principles and mental models of strategy
  • Key considerations in the design and development of strategy
  • Practical learning through assessment of your organisation’s strategic framework using best practice tools and methodology
2. HR Leadership in Strategy Execution - 25 February, 10am to 1.30pm AEST
  • Being the strategic leader – mindset and emergent thinking
  • Sense-Making Strategies  navigating complexity to drive key strategic outcomes
  • Co-Piloting Framework  influencing and partnering with senior stakeholders
3. Culture & Team Performance -11 March, 10am to 1.30pm AEST
  • What is Culture? How to intentionally build, maintain and get culture change right
  • Leveraging Culture as a key enabler of strategy and high performance
  • Diagnosing the effectiveness of your organization’s culture 
4. People Experience - 25 March, 10am to 1.30pm AEST  
  • Understanding the full picture of people experience
  • People experience as a key driver of performance 
  • Building a world-class people experience
5. Strategic Advisor: Tools & Skills - 8 April, 10am to 1.30pm AEST   
  • Inserting your leadership into strategy – influencing strategy enhancement and design thinking
  • Making it happen – key elements of impactful project execution
  • Leadership growth - Your toolbox as a strategic leader and influencer at a senior level 

Weekly Momentum sessions with Program Facilitators - 11am to 12pm on Mondays during the program 
This is your opportunity to get feedback from our facilitators on your current situation and apply the tools and framework to your personal journey. Bring live challenges to the table to workshop with the facilitators and your peers so you can move the needle forward and reach your goals.

Personal Roadmap Presentations - 18 April – Times to be determined
The pinnacle of this program, present your strategic leadership roadmap and get a final review by our facilitators so you can implement the key initiatives that help you play a bigger game in your organisation. There is nothing more effective than understanding through actions. 

This program is a virtual classroom format primarily leveraging Zoom so it is critical that you have a device that is enabled to use the platform. All sessions run at allotted times and cannot be moved so we recommend that you create agreement with your employer to ensure participation.


ROB PHIPPS - Culture & Strategic HR Lead

Rob is one of Australia’s leading authorities in Culture leadership and change management [former Non-Executive Director at AHRI and Chief People Officer at YUM!] and works with the cohort across the program addressing those challenges.  
Over the past 20+ years, Rob has lived and worked in Asia Pacific, UK, Middle East and Africa, gaining unique experience in People Strategy, Operations, Franchising, Multinational Business and Commercial Development. He is recognised as an expert in building legacy HR strategies that identify and connect the people brand with organisational brand. 

BRAD EISENHUTH - Strategic Leadership & Culture

Brad is the Founder and CEO of The Outperformer, an award-winning consultancy in learning and development, and performance projects across team & culture, partnering & co-piloting, modelling & analytics, and automation. He works with the cohort across the program in exploring considerations for executing as a strategic HR leader, including building the behaviours and conditions that set you and your people up for success. 
Rob Arthur

ROB ARTHUR - Strategy Development & Execution

Rob Arthur plays a critical role this program in harnessing the connection between business strategy, HR strategy and your role as an HR leader. Rob is a Partner at McGrath Nicol in Strategy Consulting and has a long career in the field, including his recent role of GM Strategy at NBN Co. 

What previous participants to our strategic leaders program have to say:


"The program helped prioritise my own growth as a leader and think about how I can effectively partner with and influence my stakeholders within the business. It’s also given me the tools to share with other leaders around the business to help them on their journey. 

The facilitators are experts in their specific fields. From a sporting analogy, if you’d want to run fast, you’d go to a sprint coach, who just specialises in sprints and short distance running. Similarly, it should apply to our own professional growth. Think of them as specialised mentors in their area."

Kevin Sampath, Hudson


" Before commencing the program, I was swimming in the detail, confused between what was ‘tactical’ versus ‘strategic’ and lacked the confidence and language to bring my ideas to the table.  

Now I feel better equipped to be a co-pilot, partnering with the business rather than doing things without understanding the true value/connection to the strategic objective. I strive to bring the team I lead in alignment with the overall objectives of the business and have the tools and frameworks to do just that."

Teresa Paredes, Best Technology Services 


"One thing I remind myself of regularly is how I can influence strategy, knowing that I can implement this in my role is very rewarding. I am already having strategic discussions everyday with Executives, Product Developers and even the Head of Strategy and Insights.  

I want to be part of what’s most important to a business and see the businesses I work for succeed. Having a strategic lens on everyday helped me move from feeling stuck in ‘mid-career’ ground."

Kate Urlich, Carman's


"The program has helped me prioritise where I spend my time, and how I approach a companywide opportunity. For me the most game-changing aspect was the influencing component of the course and how to be seen and recognised as a strategic leader who adds value.   

The course was full of like-minded executives coming together to share their insights and progress together. It was great to be on this journey as a group and learn from each other."

Robin Ford, MAURI


"I am passionate about taking actions to drive outcomes and helping organisations create or maximise value. I wanted this program to show me how this could be achieved, practically and from a mindset point of view. 

My top key learnings were the implementable frameworks and the cascading principle we were coached through. While taking the program, I used the frameworks and tools immediately to present at a Senior Leadership meeting about how we were going to deliver our strategy and got great feedback."

Lynn Love, Only About Children

Program starts:


Once you have submitted your Expression of Interest, we will keep you informed of the application process and program logistics.

Getting the most out of our program - A participant's view

Be willing to learn and become pioneers within your organisation for change and innovation. And then be infectious with your willingness to learn through the program so that your peers and other team members are motivated to jump on the ‘learning train’. Above all, value & prioritise growth as an organisation, team and individual. 
Kevin Sampath, Hudson

Complete your Expression of Interest to be informed about the upcoming program application process and program dates.








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