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The role of finance leaders has evolved. It's not just about governance and compliance, performance accountabilities and trustworthy financial data anymore.

Finance has a key part to play in helping organisations create and maximise strategic value, providing insights informing current and future decisions.  

How do you drive and influence strategic decisions instead of merely reporting on progress? How do you make strategy your priority and stop being stuck in the weeds?

Our program (100%online) is specifically designed for you to unlock your potential as a strategic finance leader. Here is what makes the difference: 

1. Small cohort program: we select our participants carefully to promote the best learning and collaborative environment and help them make the most of the program

2. Focus on subject matters that will create impact: strategy development and implementation frameworks, influence decisions and create a culture of high performance, leverage innovation in technology and process excellence

3. Weekly momentum sessions: our expert facilitators guide participants through the program but they also coach them weekly to move the dial forward on what they are working on

4. Real-time results: we realise your team members won't become more impactful by simply acquiring more knowledge. We believe in learning by taking meaningful actions and our program includes the development of their own roadmap (supported by their internal Sponsor) to enhance the strategic value of your Finance department.

Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself and level up your career. Book your discovery call today to discuss your objectives and ensure our program is the right fit for you.

Don't delay, our next intake is in April 2022 and enrollment is limited. You can find more details on the program curriculum and schedule below.


In a high-performance setting with peers from organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, you will work through a series of workshops and exercises that are brought back into your day-to-day work environment, ensuring you are practising and transferring the learning into results.

The program culminates with the development and presentation of your personal ‘strategic leadership roadmap’ which links together the pillars of the program and the enablement of your finance leadership.

If you come on this learning journey to stretch to lift your performance, you will go through the following phases:

Application - Agreement & Assessment

Onboarding & Standards in Participation

5 Workshops + Weekly Momentum Sessions


Personal Strategic Finance Leadership Roadmap


Onboarding and Standards of Participation Session

Monday 21 February, 10am to 11am AEST

We will give you the keys to get the most out of the Program and you will get the opportunity to meet the other participants. It’s a great time to put yourself in the best mindset to start the program on a high.


1. Strategy & Foundation Setting

Thursday 3 March, 1.30pm to 5pm AEST 

  • Exploring the fundamental principles and mental models of strategy
  • Key considerations in the design and development of strategy
  • Practical learning through assessment of your organisation’s strategic framework

2. Finance Leadership in Strategy Execution

Friday 4 March, 9.30am to 1pm AEST 

  • Being the strategic leader – mindset and emergent thinking
  • Implementing the process of strategy development
  • The role of finance in strategic planning

3. Creating Space to Lead Strategically through Enablement (Process, Technology, People)

Friday 18 March, 9.30am to 1pm AEST

  • Best practice technology solutions to consider in your environment
  • Making sense of your finance technology environment
  • Practical learning through assessment of your organisation’s technology environment

4. Pathways, Decisions and Application

Thursday 31 March, 9.30am to 1pm AEST 

  • Mind the gap – Leading Finance Tech Stack excellence in 2021
  • Understanding the practical application of strategic decision-making criteria for a finance technology roadmap
  • Ego vs Strategy – Leading the technology change effectively

5. Strategic Advisor: Tools & Skills

Friday 22 April, 9.30am to 1pm AEST

  • Inserting your leadership into strategy – influencing strategy enhancement
  • Innovative approaches to strategy execution – testing the unconstrained
  • Leadership growth - Your toolbox as a strategic leader and influencer
  • Influencing and partnering with difficult stakeholders

6.Operating Plan & Finance Culture

Friday 6 May, 9.30am to 1pm AEST 

  • Strategy – Taking a cascading approach​ throughout the organisation.
  • Integrated team operating plans, purpose, and initiatives - Making strategy real by connecting it to everyday work
  • Building a culture of learning and high performance – the levers you can pull
  • Leading change and navigating uncertainty

Weekly Momentum Sessions with Program Facilitators

Every Mondays 11am to 12pm or Wednesdays 1pm to 2pm for the duration of the program  

This is your opportunity to get feedback from our facilitators on your current situation and apply the tools and framework to your personal journey. Bring live challenges to the table to workshop with the facilitators and your peers so you can move the needle forward and reach your goals.

Sponsor Check-ins

Thursday 24 March, 9.30am to 12.30pm and Friday 1 April 10am to 3pm AEST

Personal Roadmap Presentations

13, 16 or 17 May, Time TBA

The pinnacle of this program, present your strategic leadership roadmap and get a final review by our facilitators so you can implement the key initiatives that help you play a bigger game in your organisation. There is nothing more effective than understanding through actions.

This program is a virtual classroom format primarily leveraging Zoom so it is critical that you have a device that is enabled to use the platform.

All sessions run at allotted times and cannot be moved so we recommend that you create an agreement with your employer to ensure participation.

It’s so easy to get caught in your BAU and forget about strategy, now I make time for it.

The program reminded me of the importance of "stepping on the balcony" to make observations. It has also helped me take full ownership of my role and involvement within the organisation to lead change in the strategy space.

Adopting a strategic thinking focus has led me to manage synergy, hypothesis and rationale on M & A targets that I used to positively influence and align with senior stakeholders around those decisions and reach great outcomes.

Paul Lobanov, Head of Supply Chain Finance - DuluxGroup

It’s great to see my assessments being sought after, and my recommendations being put into practice

"Rather than taking a narrow view and getting lost in the details, my mindset has now shifted to take into account the “WHY” of every decision and its impact on long-term growth of the company, therefore creating strategic value. The Senior Leadership Team has shown confidence and trust in my abilities, which I am sure will enable me to continue to lead strategic projects in the future."

Zeal Trivedi- TOMRA

The Outperformer helped me adopt a proactive approach on strategy execution and leadership

"Since undertaking this course, my profile in the business has raised immensely with the CEO and other leaders. I now feel confident in my ability to identify gaps in strategy and to create alignment in our daily tasks to help achieve business goals. I’m proud to have been praised for my ability to manage others to deliver genuine strategic outcomes and recognised for thinking strategically."

Kate Urlich, Finance Business Partner - Carman's


LANCE RUBIN - Modelling & Analytics

Lance is Australia's leading authority on decision making tools and technology as well as process excellence and automation. Lance role is to explore the enablement of the modern strategic finance leader through creating agility in your technology stack to empower decision making and your overall finance function. 

BRAD EISENHUTH - Strategic Leadership, Finance Brand & Culture

Brad Eisenhuth works with the cohort across the program in exploring and addressing the considerations for executing as a strategic finance leader, including building the behaviours and conditions that set you and your people up for success. Brad is the Founder and CEO of The Outperformer, an award winning consultancy in learning and development, and performance projects across team & culture, partnering & co-piloting, modelling & analytics, and automation.

ROB ARTHUR - Strategy Development & Execution

Rob Arthur plays a critical role this program in harnessing the connection between business strategy, finance strategy and your role as a strategic finance leader. Rob is a Partner at McGrath Nicol in Strategy Consulting and has a long career in the field, including his recent role of GM Strategy at NBN Co.


April 2022
Once you have submitted your Expression of Interest, we will keep you informed of the application process and program logistics.





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