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The role of finance has changed. More than ever you have the opportunity to influence strategy, empower your team and reach successful outcomes. Yet, it can be hard to know where to start and not get stuck in the weeds.  

How do you prioritise strategy and what will make the greatest difference? How can you navigate change and complex problems confidently, set up effective implementation and make a real impact in your organisation? 

That’s why we developed the Strategic Finance Leaders Program. Working with high performing peers and world-class facilitators, you will bring strategy and results to life through your innovative leadership and execution. 

Ready to set up your career for success? Apply below now.

Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself and make a difference. Book your discovery call today to discuss your objectives and ensure our program is the right fit for you.

Don't delay, our next cohort starts in June 2022 and enrollment is limited. You can find more details on what makes our program unique below.


We will work with you from conceptualisation to execution, defeat roadblocks and celebrate milestones on the road to success. Our program includes learning and growth workshops, weekly practical problem-solving sessions and a set of 3 deliverables. 

Our expert team of facilitators - professionals managing strategy, tech and finance projects every day - have always led this program 100% online and developed effective methodology and support systems so you get the most out of your learning experience and time investment. 

We are a trusted CA ANZ partner and you can find testimonials on how the Strategic Finance Leaders Program has been a real game-changer for our participants by scrolling down.

If you come on this journey to lift your performance, you will go through the following phases:

DEEP DIVE - Set up for success

Immersion into strategy & leadership to guarantee your personal growth


Identify the real problems, what success looks like & focus on the right outcomes


Design the steps to execute your change plan and reach successful outcomes

EXECUTION - Reach your goals

Surpass roadblocks, celebrate milestones and make your plan come to life


This is what our discovery call will determine but let us start by saying that we don’t play the numbers game. We keep our cohort small to deliver a unique experience and we only work with highly motivated individuals

Here are some points to consider before you book a call with us: 

Our Program is for finance leaders who: 

  • Are serious about making a difference in their business 
  • Are ready to challenge themselves to grow and change 
  • Want to shape and drive business strategy through their financial acumen 
  • Want to be the best leader they can be, inspire their people and engage them in their development 

Our Program is not for finance leaders who: 

  • Want to be known for reporting and getting tasks done 
  • Are reluctant to change through action and more focused on the knowing 
  • Believe that numbers drive strategy in isolation 
  • Need their people to get stuff done at the cost of performance and engagement 
Book a call and see if our program is the right fit for you


WORKSHOPS, MOMENTUM SESSIONS AND DELIVERABLES - Paced over a period of 6 months from conceptualisation to execution

Weekly Momentum Sessions with Expert Facilitators - Never fall off track

Bring your questions to the table, keep your motivation up and witness consistent progress:

These sessions will be available every week for the duration of the program. While they are not compulsory, they are your opportunity to get feedback from our facilitators on your current situation and apply the tools and framework to your personal development journey.

Bring live challenges to the table to workshop with the facilitators and your peers so you can move the needle forward and reach your goals. 2 sessions will be available each week either with Brad Eisenhuth, Rob Arthur or Lance Rubin.

DEEP DIVE - Strategic Leadership Workshops & Set up for success

Build solid foundations and set yourself up for success with our half-day immersion workshops:

  1. Strategic Leadership Foundations 
  2. The Building Blocks of a Strategy Cascade 
  3. Leadership and Your Journey 

CURRENT STATE OF PLAY - Presentation of Leadership Stage-Gate One on week 6

Analyse and understand deeply the environment you play in:

  1. Weekly momentum sessions to help you grasp all essential aspects of your analysis
  2. Development of your Strategy Diagnostic - the Stage-Gate One of our program to be delivered on week 6 of the program
  3. Presentation of your Diagnostic which will determine your planning and execution phases

PLANNING & MAPPING - Presentation of Leadership Stage-Gate Two on week 10

Time to come up with a plan tailored to your current and future objectives:

  1. Planning for Performance Change Workshop 
  2. Weekly momentum sessions to help you master your roadmap over the upcoming 4 weeks
  3. Presentation of your Personal Roadmap - the Stage-Gate Two of our program - to be delivered week 10 of the program

EXECUTION PHASE - Growth & Implementation to outstanding results - Final Stage

Your journey to successful outcomes:

  1. Monthly Leadership Growth Workshops tailored to the challenges met by the cohort and their end goals (ex: digital transformation, lead and influence change, business case and project ROI etc.)
  2. Weekly momentum sessions to workshop roadblocks, celebrate milestones and get feedback from facilitators and peers
  3. Final Leadership Stage-Gate: Performance Presentation - Last week of the program

This program is a virtual classroom format primarily leveraging Zoom so it is critical that you have a device that is enabled to use the platform.

All sessions run at allotted times and cannot be moved so we recommend that you create an agreement with your employer to ensure participation.

The Outperformer helped me adopt a proactive approach on strategy execution and leadership

"Since undertaking this course, my profile in the business has raised immensely with the CEO and other leaders. I now feel confident in my ability to identify gaps in strategy and to create alignment in our daily tasks to help achieve business goals. I’m proud to have been praised for my ability to manage others to deliver genuine strategic outcomes and recognised for thinking strategically."

Kate Urlich, Finance Business Partner - Carman's

The Program has helped improve my standing with key stakeholders

"Rather than taking a narrow view and getting lost in the details, my mindset has now shifted to take into account the “WHY” of every decision and its impact on long-term growth of the company, therefore creating strategic value.

It’s great to see my assessments being sought after, and my recommendations being put into practice.  The Senior Leadership Team has shown confidence and trust in my abilities, which I am sure will enable me to continue to lead strategic projects in the future."

Zeal Trivedi, Commercial Advisory Manager - TOMRA

The team at The Outperformer were genuinely interested in supporting our growth

"The Outperformer put together a superb program that covered the breadth and depth of the finance function and presented it in an easily digestible format that could be accessed remotely.  It is a unique and tailored experience, the facilitators were constantly tweaking their approach to ensure that any queries were resolved.""

Karma Auden, Director - Finance and Business Services - Canberra University

This program sparks constructive thinking and collaboration within the finance community 

"The Outperformer really knows how to challenge thinking and concepts, and facilitate all the learning sessions thanks to their expert knowledge. Our team has enjoyed having their thinking stretched through stimulating conversations with the facilitators and other participants.

It also helped formulate possibilities on data, modelling and automation, as well as diving more deeply and confidently into setting, shaping and implementing strategy. "

Steph Joachim, Finance Director - Australia & New Zealand - Bacardi

It’s so easy to get caught in your BAU and forget about strategy, now I make time for it.

The program reminded me of the importance of "stepping on the balcony" to make observations. It has also helped me take full ownership of my role and involvement within the organisation to lead change in the strategy space.

Adopting a strategic thinking focus has led me to manage synergy, hypothesis and rationale on M & A targets that I used to positively influence and align with senior stakeholders around those decisions and reach great outcomes.

Paul Lobanov, Head of Supply Chain Finance - DuluxGroup

The practicality of the sessions has been a point of difference from other L&D programs

"We’re often stuck within our own ‘bubble’ in terms of best practice and innovation, but hearing about how other teams are operating along with some valuable learnings from the experts in the field has given us a bar to aim at.

 Just seeing ‘what good looks like’ and having the practical application left to the team to work through has been eye-opening for a lot of junior and emerging members within our team.  "

Kevin Sampath, Head of Finance & Planning - Hudson


BRAD EISENHUTH - Strategic Leadership, Finance Brand & Culture

Brad Eisenhuth works with the cohort across the program in exploring and addressing the considerations for executing as a strategic finance leader, including building the behaviours and conditions that set you and your people up for success. Brad is the Founder and CEO of The Outperformer, an award winning consultancy in learning and development, and performance projects across team & culture, partnering & co-piloting, modelling & analytics, and automation.

ROB ARTHUR - Strategy Development & Execution

Rob Arthur plays a critical role this program in harnessing the connection between business strategy, finance strategy and your role as a strategic finance leader. Rob is a Partner at McGrath Nicol in Strategy Consulting and has a long career in the field, including his recent role of GM Strategy at NBN Co.


Once you have submitted your Expression of Interest, we will keep you informed of the application process and program logistics.





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