Technology Roadmap that reduces cost, complexity and increases ‘Speed to Insight’

A fast-growing integrated retail, services and consumer goods business approached us to explore an improved design for ‘speed to insight’, with particular attention to empowering operations, sales and the executive team.

While the organization has an established Information Technology team, the capacity to drive a renewed roadmap to drive business performance on a sound technology foundation was vital. Starting with the end in mind, our team examined business decisions and performance drivers with respect to the business strategy, resulting in an executable roadmap including:

A highly scalable and flexible data transformation and management environment developed at low cost.

Implementation of an automated rolling forecasting model, with the capacity to quickly run scenarios on decisions instrumental in the growth of the organization.

Design of a sales order management and triggering application to tighten process and empower field sales teams.

Rapid development of Powerbase environment to ‘leap frog’ internal capacity while providing a platform that internal teams could leverage quickly and flexibly.

This project required intelligent use of funds, internal resources and effective change management via internal and our consulting team to get the best ‘bang for buck’ and deliver genuine results.

Business now has improved sales efficiency and performance, increased the impact and capacity for Finance to shape strategy and tactical decisions, removed unnecessary inertia in decisions and empower IT and Operations staff to lead and own a significantly advanced technology environment.


Intelligent assessment leads to unexpected solution design

High profile vehicle manufacturer and retailer challenged our team to determine a more intelligent way of solving for promotion decisions in a highly complicated region with unique drivers around sales behavior in each state or sub region.

Partnering with leaders across business development and finance, we interrogated different pathways for managing promotions data from an end-to-end perspective.

While a range of ‘off the shelf’ products presented a potentially suitable solutions, the cost to serve this solution, complexity of the scenario and existing infrastructure resulted in the design on an intelligent database, GUI and analytics engine that suited the businesses decision making nuances.

From a cost point of view, the ROI was astronomical and allowed the organization to progressively manage a cultural shift around promotions decision making at a regional level in the process of the redesign and deployment phases.

Avoiding a train-wreck on being ‘sold’ a dream tool, this organization now has a more sustainable, flexible and well-managed solution that not only serves technology goals, but a myriad of objectives in a successful business solution for this environment.



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