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How can you support a culture of innovation

By Brad Eisenhuth | Blog, Leadership, HR, Culture | 25 May 2022 |

In many organisations we are working with, leaders are asking for ‘more agility’ or ‘an entrepreneurial mindset to problem-solving’ or ‘more self-driven innovation’.

However, often the conditions we have cultivated for so many years have not always rewarded or empowered this kind of behaviours. Equally, for many employees, the search for 'certainty' (which is a fallacy) drives a preference for clarity, repeatability, organised models of working, and less 'solving wicked problems'.

Expecting a team who has historically been asked to deliver within refined systems and scopes to suddenly be ‘agile’ or ‘entrepreneurial’ is unfair to them, and an unfair expectation to set for yourself.

How do you help people migrate to new ways of thinking and behaving?

What we've learned through many client journeys is that 'more information' doesn't always help people perform better with respect to adopting an innovative or 'agile' mindset. If it was the case in our current 'information obese world', we would all be swimming in success.

The effective approach to helping people succeed sits around continuously organising the environment to make it easier and motivational to experiment, play, be agile, entrepreneurial, innovative (insert any other buzzword that means being 'effective in the grey')...

Are any of these behaviours celebrated or even acknowledged?
Does innovation have a place in our working rhythms?
Is being agile important and what shows it is important?

None of those questions are easy to answer, but they are necessary if you want your people to succeed in continuous change and evolving environments.

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