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Is your idea the best path for your team?

By Brad Eisenhuth | Blog, Leadership, Culture | 8 Jun 2022 |

You may notice that some people you work with seek certainty in their own ideas, rather than seeking certainty in the 'right' path forward to the right outcomes for the group/ team.

It isn’t always easy to tell if that person has actually formulated the idea with a bias toward the success of the collective as opposed to a 'self-protection' bias.

Arguably, all people do need to protect their own interests and team, but how do we ensure that ideas are shaped for the best interest of the collective and the organisation we serve? Occasionally, considerations around change or new solutions spiral into a debate around 'preference' instead of what actually serves the greater good.

When you shape up ideas, do you run them through a 'team-first' or 'empathy' filter?

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