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Are we sabotaging our digital transformation projects from the start?

By Brad Eisenhuth | Blog, Leadership, Finance, Technology, Culture | 27 May 2022 |

Or any complex projects for that matter but let's take the adoption of technology as an example.

Why do we sometimes force complex digital transformation projects into an ineffective plan and expect them to succeed?  We strip value out of potentially valuable solutions by jamming them into silly, unachievable or unthoughtful models and timeframes for delivery.

Technology projects that are developed around the place seem to have an addiction to foolish deadlines. Deadlines that assume almost no risk for error, no anticipation of lessons learned, and very little sense of purpose apart from ‘getting it done’... At least that is the narrative to many participants in those projects when they are honest about their experience.

The challenge lies around a range of biases that present themselves, notably regarding the design of the project itself. Despite years and years of evidence that ‘complex projects don’t work when you try to squeeze them into a box’, we seem to ask for that to happen time and time again... Almost as if we wanted the risks we are frustrated to eventuate.

Here is a genuine question: where does this fear of exploring the reasonableness of plans and preparation for learning, change and adoption in major projects come from?

Is it because we are not solving the right problems so we are not ready to give the time and energy that is really required to succeed? Or are we losing the enthusiasm that all new project creates when we reach roadblocks and then just try to get it done and over with?

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