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My team is not performing: is it a system or a culture issue

Strategy, Leadership, Culture | 1 May 2021 |

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good automation. We literally co-design automation and process excellence with several companies right at the minute. But before we did that, we ensured with those organisations that this is really what they need and looked at the bigger picture to guarantee their success in the future. 

Does the following scenario sound familiar? Youorganization invests in a big flashy system or tool thinking it will solve all their issues. They spend a fortune, contract an implementation team and... there’s no real return on investment.  

In many cases, employees don’t work more efficientlycompanies don’t witness the benefits expected and it often creates resentment and frustration, the complete opposite of what it intended. 


Why would that be? This is too complex an issue to be answered in a few words. But, one thing everyone should probably look at is culture and its impact on change 

Why does a team of people underperform in the first placeIs it really a system issue?  

And if it is, are employees ready for this change? Will they adopt it? Do they see the real benefit in it? 

We could go on and on. Sometimes what we see is only the tip of the iceberg, it might not be the root cause. 


The goal of an automated tool is mostly to make tasks easier so people can spend more time creating value. Though, if they have no idea why they are doing their job for, if they don’t feel like they are contributing to a greater purpose, why would they make the effort to change something that might not feel broken? 

Despite the rise of individualism, people are all still craving to belong and be part of something bigger than themselves. Company culture is often neglected, or not nurtured, as it is not seen as a money-making exercise. But clearly, coming back to our example, it is.  

If a company really needs this new system to work for a sustainable future, they need their employees to be on board. They need them to be committed to a shared goal. This is when a strategic approach to culture, as well as tactical leaders to implement this strategy, come in. 

Want to dive into Culture and its impact on your staff and organisationWe are always happy to help and you can reach out to us directly at [email protected] 

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