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The loudest voice is not always the most effective path to performance

By Brad Eisenhuth | Blog, Leadership, HR, Culture | 27 Jun 2022 |

As a receiver of communication, we all know that the loudest voice is not always the most effective, especially in a business context. Rationally, it is easy to understand this because we've experienced it and remember it when it doesn't work.

However, when we want to be heard by others in our business, especially when we are encouraging change, we can have a temptation to aim for 'loud' first.

E.g. The two-day offsite with all the 'loud' bells and whistles without the follow-up of consistent resourceful, healthy conversations and communication after the offsite (where results and change really happen).

It is so easy to consider 'loud' as the 'answer'.

'Loud' might be part of the answer but it's worth asking how can you leverage a range of communication mediums to underpin your leadership, desired change, and performance goals.

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