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The Shiny Tech Syndrome: symptom of a failed adoption strategy?

Strategy, Finance, Automation | 14 Jul 2021 |

We got really inspired by a post from our team member Cian McEnroe on LinkedIn yesterday and thought we will touch on tech adoption strategy. Here is an example among many. 

A brand-new modelling system is in place. Now your team has access to this latest tool you expect processes to run smoothly and performance to go through the roof but, things barely change... Panic, maybe this wasn't the right technology, what about trying another one or adding a new feature etc.  

There you go; your organisation has the Shinny Tech Syndrome... 


Road bumps happen when change takes place, that’s normal. Being reactive and jumping to the next solution might not fix the problem and, more importantly, what we really need to ask ourselves is: WHY? Why this new technology did not get us the outcomes we expected? 

There are 2 common reasons we’ve heard about a few times: 

  • It genuinely wasn’t the appropriate system. If that’s the case, it would probably have been better to realise it prior to roll out, this is when a good diagnostic comes to play 
  • It actually is a good solution, but it is not applied properly. This is when you need to look at your strategy of adoption. Without creating the right space for adoption of technology, chances are your costly investment will be wasted 


Stepping-up the tech game of your organisation is not as simple as purchasing a system and pushing the start button for it to work. The technology installed needs to solve the right issues, appeal to the people whose problem it's solving and also to the one that will use it.  

There are many pieces to consider for technology adoption to work and we are always happy to help organisations figuring it all out from diagnostic to implementation plan.  

You can find some case studies here and we’re always happy to have a quick chat and answer your questions, message us at [email protected] 


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