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Why your improvement projects don't get started (and what you can do about it)

By Craig Reid | Craig Reid, Finance Business Partner |

Before you think about changing any process for the better there is one thing you must do: MEASURE.

Why measure when you know it's broken? Why measure when it's already caused a catastrophe?

I'll tell you why; because one day someone will come along and say "how can we justify all this spend on process improvement?" If you haven't measured anything you will have no argument to disprove them. They will pack up your little process shop and go back to counting their beans, happy in the knowledge that they’ve saved money - even though we know they’ve cost more money in the long run.

So here's what you do - measure everything; measure before you start, measure when you're finished and keep measuring when you're done. After that, start measuring again. You must always be constantly aware of where you are - that way when you make a change you can measure exactly how much you've achieved and thereby proven the power of process improvement (you build a business case for every improvement).

But it’s not just about saving money – improvements to customer experience can be measured and can provide as much of an argument to continue your process improvement initiatives. Process is your compass, but if you're in the dark you'll never see where you've come from or where you need to go.



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